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20 Questions with Scott Worsham of MFK

By Joe Campagna, September 18, 2014 at 12:29 pm




There is a saying “he’s a man’s, man.” Scott Worsham is a “restaurant guy’s, guy.” Forgive me, I have no idea how to say that being non-gender specific. Scott has been in the industry a LONG time. He’s able to roll with the punches and know what decision needs to be made that would make a diners night go from good to great or solve a business issue in the middle of service with out missing a beat.

Scott has become a good friend over the past few years and as you’ll hear in the audio we laugh often – at each other, ourselves and other good friends. We don’t give each other an inch and the confusing humor happens pretty quickly as we try to figure out where Scott ACTUALLY grew up. I’m still not entirely sure.

MFK is a project he co-owns with wife Sari Zernich. Their recent opening has garnered critical acclaim and found its way in to the hearts of many food devotees in Chicago. If you have yet to go, GO! The restaurant has an intimate feel, and with the coming winter months, I have a feeling it will be a welcome oasis for many.

I hope you enjoy the conversation Scott and I had – it’s one where I actually got to dictate the topics but I know in the future that won’t happen again. There are a few moments where we get really close to disappearing down the rabbit hole of our own funny moments but it thankfully gets reeled back.

MFK is located at 432 W Diversey in Lakeview.

You can find our conversation here.

Note: Our conversation happened in late August hence some of the jokes.


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