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Rustic Meets Sophisticated at the New mfk.

When you create a menu that only relies on simple, rustic ingredients, you can’t hide. What’s on the plate, each bite, has to speak multitudes. And to be able to turn something simple and common into haute cuisine experience without the pretense is truly a place of art, a place of grace.

mfk is that kind of place; it feels sophisticated without being sophisticated and offers a menu that both countryside farmers and urban foodies can understand and celebrate over. It is a place that reminds a city that good food, creative food, doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be done with refinement, built on a foundation of what culture’s and communities, the seaside fisherman and countryside farmers — the original gastronomes — have been doing for years. It is a place to have a one-on-one date with courses of small plates, a book (something by M.F.K. Fisher if you wanted to be fully engrossed in the experience) and a crisp glass of Vermentino, tucked underground Diversey on a Tuesday night in your own little private seaside getaway; if only to escape Chicago (even in all its glory) for a minute.

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