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Great meatless meals at non-vegetarian restaurants

Thanks, Time Out Chicago! We love our veggies here.


There’s never been a better time to be a vegetarian diner—these Chicago restaurants offer thoughtful veggie options


vegetarian fideous at mfk.It’s hard to find a dish that isn’t shellfish-centric or flecked with chewy chorizo at this Spanish seaside-inspired Lakeview spot. But the vegetarian fideous, which channels the pervasive Spanish paella in pasta form, has been a staple of the menu since it opened last year. In this satisfying, soul-warming hug of a dish, vermicelli is oven-toasted till nutty, then simmered in saffron-scented veg stock enriched with cream and laced with a piperade of bell pepper, tomato and the mild heat of poblanos. Round out your meal with a thoughtful rotating “from the soil” dish, like seared corn salad or carrots with lemon butter.

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