Alisha Elenz

Executive Chef

Alisha joined us as a part-time prep cook in 2015 and has risen quickly to the top of the team due to her passion, dedication, and stellar work ethic. Chef Elenz is definitely someone to keep an eye on.  She originally hails from the Chicago area and has been working in the restaurant business since 2011. In her spare time she can often be found working at mfk.

Favorite Seafood:
Strawberry Grouper
Biggest Fear:
Creepy Crawlies
Most Likely to Be Seen Having a Drink at: Table, Donkey & Stick

Sari Zernich Worsham

The Brains Behind Team Zissou

Sari is an award-winning cookbook author and culinary television producer, whose career began as one of the first female line-cooks at Charlie Trotter’s.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America who also has a BS from the University of Illinois, Sari co-wrote 13 of Trotter’s James Beard Award-winning cookbooks. She was the culinary producer for his PBS television series, “The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter,” which also won Beard awards for excellence.

Sari launched the product line of Charlie Trotter Foods and was instrumental in opening Charlie Trotter’s at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas; Trotter’s To Go in Chicago; and Restaurant C at The One and Only Palmilla Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Sari is the executive director and partner in the Art Smith Company. Along side Art Smith she expanded their restaurant division to include table fifty-two in Chicago and Art & Soul in the Hotel Liaison, Washington DC, and Southern Art and Bourbon Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel Buckhead in Atlanta. She also co-wrote “Art Smith’s Healthy Comfort.”

Favorite Seafood:
King Crab
Biggest Fear:
Forgetting Her Purse
Most Likely to Be Seen Having a Drink at:

Benjamin Hill

General Manager

Ben started as a cook just a few years ago but quickly transitioned to the front of the house after he came aboard mfk. and worked his way up to the GM position, due to his responsible and sweet demeanor, his dedication and his hard work. When he’s not working, Ben is playing his guitar, traveling, and trying desperately not to do the two things he despises most: waking up and going to sleep.

Favorite Seafood: Octopus
Biggest Fear: Spiders
Most Likely to Be Seen Having a Drink at: Laschett’s

Scott Worsham

Chief Sardine Eater

Scott Worsham is a 25-year-plus veteran of the hospitality industry, in everything from fine dining and hotels to healthy fast casual to dive bars.

A Chicago native, Scott has opened restaurants with some of the most acclaimed chefs in the country, most recently opening Art & Soul at the Hotel Liaison in Washington D.C., the Southern Art & Bourbon Bar in Atlanta, and doing the all-natural, tap-only wine program for LYFE Kitchen in Palo Alto, CA, with Chef Art Smith.

Scott’s experience has lead him from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group and the Palm Steakhouse Group in New York and Puerto Rico, and BLT Steak in Washington DC — to boutique organizations such as The Campton Place Hotel in San Francisco, Table fifty-two in Chicago, and Artisanal Brasserie & Fromagerie in NYC.

Favorite Seafood:
Biggest Fear:
Chimp Attack
Most Likely to Be Seen Having a Drink at:
Best Intentions