We've Survived.


Somehow, we have managed to eek past the horrible fate suffered by so many great places in our city and around the world. Chicago lost some wonderful restaurants and businesses this last year, including our sister restaurant, Bar Biscay.

It's not something we take lightly. We are full of gratitude for every bit of help we've received over the last 16 months. From the early GoFundMe donations to our staff by our lovely guests, to the assistance programs from the city, state, and federal governments. We clearly would not be here today without that help.

Our reservations are now live for our opening day of Thursday, June 24th -- just in time to celebrate our 7th anniversary on July 3rd. Quite a milestone after 2020, eh? July 3rd is also the day we wish a Happy Birthday to our namesake, M.F.K. Fisher. There will be much rejoicing, we can assure you.

While we initially planned on asking for proof of vaccines, the most recent metrics of positivity rates, etc, for Chicago and the region have allowed our fully vaccinated staff to feel comfortable enough to not require it upon seating. We still ask that if you are not fully vaccinated, that you do not come in. Our interior is extremely intimate. If these numbers move upwards in any way, we will, of course, revise our policy. However, at present, we feel strongly that we are safe, as is dining in our room. mfk is still one of the only restaurants in town, that we know of, that has had zero cases of infection of staff. We aim to keep it that way.

Speaking of our dining room, we are starting out even smaller than we were before, with only 20 seats in the room, including bar seating. If you've ever dined with us before and wished there were more space between tables and chairs, then you will like the new look. Most parties of two will be sat at the bar. The new bar stools are quite comfortable and our esteemed bar manager, Archie Powell, will take great care of you there. 

We've also undergone a top-to-bottom refresh of the room, with a slightly different color palette, refinished bar top, new seating and table tops, etc. It looks and feels great in here. It literally feels great in here because the AC has finally been upgraded!

The new and improved menu is what has us most excited, however. Chef Matt Ginsburg has been with us for two years now and taken the helm in what we can only describe as Full Confidence. For such a young chef, he shows great poise, a phenomenal palate, and unlimited potential. He's a peach of a human, to boot.

Finally, we would be remiss not to mention our General Manager, Neal Neumann. Neal was our GM at Bar Biscay and we are delighted he's returned to the fold to lead us all into the Great Unknown that is our future. If you ever need anything, you have only to call and ask for Neal.

We still need your support and continued patronage to survive, now more than ever, but remain convinced that there is still a place in this city for a true neighborhood joint. We remain committed to being that place. 

We hope to see you soon, friends. Let's pass a porrón together and toast to all we have lost in this last year, and to our future.


Team mfk.

"first we eat. then we do everything else."

-- m.f.k. fisher

reservations now open


Thursdays - Sundays from 5:00pm - 9:30pm

Closed Mondays - Wednesdays

Feel free to call us during business hours with any questions or special requests.


432 w diversey parkway chicago 60614